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Brand Partnerships

- Ever Changing Vibe, Podcast hosted by wALiE

- Gio Depina-Alves, Producer

- Coffee in the Clouds, Podcast hosted by Aaron Fullerton


Ever Changing Vibe Podcast

Everchanging Vibe isn’t just about changing it’s about accepting that change is inevitable. While it isn’t easy, join host wALiE as he makes it feel like the new normal.

THE ARTISAN is on Ep. 42

(Making Waves)

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The Carroll Connection Podcast

Join your host, Jared Carroll, in connecting with everyday people while sharing their trials and tribulations as an individual. Working towards promoting brands and positive energy while talking about the power of mental health.

THE ARTISAN is on EP. 101

Available on all streaming platforms and on youtube

Virtual Coffee Podcast

Virtual Coffee is dedicated to showcasing accomplished & innovative small business owners and accelerating YOU! Hosted by Alexa Colyer, Virtual Coffee shares interviews with small business owners and early career professionals.

THE ARTISAN is on EP. 100

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Sponcast Podcast

Both "SponCast Podcast" and "Grand Rising!" are hosted by Elijah. The main episodes are solo informational episodes while the second one will have guests getting different perspectives. Hope you all will join me on my journey to seek knowledge the world offers and the possibilities to a better today and create a brighter tomorrow!

The Artisan is on episode 41

SouthCoast Today Newspaper

Redesigning the whale tail: New Bedford native creates clothing line with a mission.

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