Save The Oceans

The ARTISAN brand is inspired by the deep connection between whales and Massachusetts, as well as the textile industry. The brand is created to recognize the universal appeal of whales as a fascinating species.

That's why we've teamed up with OCEANA on protecting the world's oceans! Oceana is a non profit organization devoted solely to marine conservation. They help protect, maintain and restore our big blue world! Feeling generous and want to donate yourself? Click the button below for more info!

makin' waves year to date

2020: $50

2021: $150

2022: $1,000

THE ARTISAN has currently donated in the year 2023 - $2,500 since July 2023.

Here at THE ARTISAN 10% of our net profits go to Oceana with every order! Our current goal for 2023 is to have donated $3,000.


Interested in wholesaling from The Artisan? At this time we are only accepting new accounts that have a brick and mortar location. Please contact theartisannb@gmail.comΒ to learn more about becoming a wholesale partner. We look forward to growing our brand with you.Β Β