Based in SouthCoast, MA we want to create something more than clothing. We want to build a community that not only stays kind but makes waves throughout the country with the power of our iconic whale tail design!

founder of the artisan

Mark Furtado, Founder

A New Bedford native that developed THE ARTISAN brand back in the year 2020. With the power of e-commerce he strives to take clothing in a meaningful direction, as he would say "make waves". As a business student from Bristol Community College he knew that Massachusetts was missing something...a clothing brand with an all-inclusive meaning.

  • β€ŽShop Small & Responsibly

    As a shopper, you can do a little extra homework to find brands (like us!) that promote small businesses that are trying to grow and brands that promote sustainability.

  • Spread The Word

    Social media gives us a unique place to share our lives, interests, and the causes we support.. Give a shout out to an organization you love, or organize an online fundraiser to help support a cause.

  • Give Back

    Everyone who visits and shops at The Artisan is already doing their part to give to the cause. We donate 10% of all profits to organizations like Save the Oceans. Feel like doing more? Make a direct donation!

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the artisan x brooklyn surf club

At Brooklyn Surf Club, they're more than just a surf company.Β They are a passionate community of individuals dedicated to supporting diversity and empowering young minds through surfing.

As Brooklyn Surf Club teaches underserved communities in Brooklyn, NY , THE ARTISAN will promote sustainability with granting each young surfer with a free t-shirt from our misprinted pile as well as any overstock we may incur.

Check out Brooklyn Surf Club here