Why does THE ARTISAN give back?

Why does THE ARTISAN give back?

Why does THE ARTISAN give back?

Making waves is one of THE ARTISAN’s essential values. While our team is small compared to most, each and every member is so excited to make a difference. 

While promoting marine conservation, sustainability, and eco-consciousness, we strive to support humanitarian and ecological efforts in our backyards and around the globe. 

At the end of the day, THE ARTISAN gives back because 

1) We believe that staying kind makes huge waves of change

2) Our awesome community encourages and inspires us

3) It’s really, really fun!

Where does your support go?

Another Artisan value is honesty. We want to let you know what kinds of things your support has made happen this year.

Save The Oceans

Our first mission - and the true inspiration to THE ARTISAN brand - is saving the oceans. The big blue world is a unique but beautiful place that is made up of so many underwater friends of different shapes and sizes. As people, we really don’t pay attention to the environment as much as we need to. Which is why we teamed up with our friends over at OCEANA to not only make waves in the United States BUT around the world.

For the past year we have been privileged to donate at least 10% of our net profits to directly support marine life conservation. Every year OCEANA makes that happen to make sure each habitat is respected but most importantly preserved.

Save The Turtles

As a Massachusetts native brand - we were inspired of the story from a recent news article concerning sea turtles near Cape Cod. We knew we had to stand up for the turtles! As a brand who supports the big blue world, there are some friends who need a little more help than others which is why we dedicated a whole collection in honor and to save the sea turtles.

We actually had the opportunity to donate some profits to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital because we wanted to extend a hand. The volunteers at the facility not only help but they: rescue, nurse and save the turtles themselves.

Happy Hippie Foundation

Our founder Mark is not only a LGBTQIA+ ally he is also member of the community and wanted to use the power of the whale tail and spread a beautiful message. He was inspired by what Miley Cyrus’s foundation stood for and he knew he had to take part in this movement. This foundation’s mission is to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations.

As a brand that stays kind and makes waves, we knew that it starts with the community around us that uplifts us especially. When someone needs help we are here to lend a hand and support them along the way.

Small Businesses

Listen, starting a business is not easy. We know as a brand that to start something, you need to start somewhere and grow from there. Which is why we aim to support any local but most importantly small businesses around the country. Whether its shopping small or just supporting other business on social media - overall picking and choosing to go to a small business means that you will be receiving something more special than any other item in the department store.

And we’re just getting started!

From the very beginning of THE ARTISAN brand our main inspiration and mission has been to give back. Our team exists to create fun, beautiful clothes — that’s true! But creativity and success can serve a wider purpose. 

THE ARTISAN is here to make an impact and over the past year supporters and patrons just like YOU have helped us go above and beyond expectations.

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